Beyond remote work: 10 must-read articles

“The days of office-centricity are over”, said Shopify’s CEO. Often triggered by a surprising increase in productivity, many companies (including Twitter and Facebook) have announced that they will allow employees to permanently work from home.

We will likely never fully return to the old situation. But I’m not sad about it. Instead, I believe this is a really good moment to start adopting participatory leadership and a more adaptive, human way of working.

In this episode of my newsletter, I have collected 10 articles that will help you navigate and embrace the new reality. You can also listen to my interview on this podcast (Dutch, after 5 mins) titled ‘Throw away the organizational chart, embrace the chaos!’.

Beyond remote: 10 articles

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Run your organization like a race team to gain speed and resilience

My latest article on what we can learn from Formula 1 to navigate this shift.


Remote work is having a moment, but the future isn’t hybrid

Read this if you’re considering moving back part of your people back to the office. It is difficult to get a ‘hybrid’ model to work correctly.

How to keep your culture alive while working remotely

How to Keep Your Culture Alive while Working Remotely

Going remote is an opportunity to redesign your organization and rethink the culture you want. Here are a few good starting points.

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Don’t let remote leadership bring out the worst in you

With remote leadership, it’s easy to succumb to management practices that hurt the team. Here’s how to avoid doing so.


‎Beyond Remote — Brave New Work podcast

Most of us are working remotely. But we’re just treading water, we haven’t really mastered it. That’s why it’s important to talk about remote work after the novelty wears off.


Minimum Viable Structure

Eight lightweight interventions to create a Minimal Viable Structure to get your organization out of emergency mode.

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The phases of remote adaptation

Remote creates an entirely new landscape in which to conduct business, but make sure to mature beyond phase 1.

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Why does writing matter in remote work?

Using written communication makes remote work better. It saves time, reduces meetings, removes extrovert bias, and invites other perspectives.


Let’s Seize the Moment — Sustaining Organizational Resilience Beyond Crisis

This crisis could become your accelerated entry point into truly generative organizations, adaptive ways of working, and participatory leadership. Take time out of execution mode to pause, reflect, and learn as individuals and teams.


Notion Remote Work Wiki

Notion put together a central hub with the best resources on remote work, from actionable tips to articles to company policies.

Are you ready to reinvent your organization?

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